Santa Jerry is a real bearded Santa dedicated to spreading Christmas joy year round! Christmas Carol is devoted to making lasting memories.

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions:

WHY SHOULD WE HIRE SANTA JERRY AND CHRISTMAS CAROL?  Santa and Mrs. Claus love children.  They have over 35 years of experience bring holiday smiles to children of all ages plus over 25 years working with children and adults through Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America.  Santa and Mrs. Claus are good-hearted, kind and reliable.  Often times younger children will not sit with Santa but will easily go to Mrs. Claus and together Santa and Mrs. Claus can get that special picture for your photo album.  Our goal is to help you make great holiday memories.

WHAT DOES 'REAL BEARDED' MEAN?  A 'Real Bearded" Santa is a gentleman who possesses a real beard.  He is not wearing a man-made designer beard of synthetic or human hair, Real bearded Santas spend months and even years growing and maintaining their beards.  Often they carry the persona of Santa 24/7/365. 

WHAT WILL SANTA BE WEARING? -  Santa Jerry wears a traditional velvet and fur Santa Suit, with real leather boots and leather belt.  It is our goal that his presentation be as real as possible. All of this is to continue the magic and mystery that is Santa Claus.  Santa Jerry also has alternative outfits such as his Santa's Workshop Outfit which is a Christmas apron, red pants, and Christmas shirt; his Saint Nick the Chef and Master Taster outfit for restaurants and dinner parties which is a Christmas chef's hat, chef's coat (complete with taster spoons), and red pants.  Santa Jerry also has a summer Santa outfit for Christmas in July, waterparks, and pool parties which is a Christmas themes Hawaiian shirt and red shorts.  Let's not forget we are in TEXAS so of course there is a Texas Santa complete with Red felt cowboy hat, Christmas vest with shirt and red jeans.

WHAT DOES IT COST FOR A SANTA AND MRS. CLAUS VISIT?  Our rates are customized according to the length of time of the Santa and Mrs. Claus appearance and the activities planned for your event.  Please email details of your event to our booking elves at or call 281-804-8512 to discuss your event.  We will be happy to quote you our hourly rate which includes the 1st 25 miles travel to and from your event.  Half hour appearances are reserved for individual family home visits.  We also have Santa and Mrs. Claus thrones available for rent with a booking as well as a Santa’a Workshop backdrop.

HOW DO I BOOK SANTA AND MRS. CLAUS?   Whether you are thinking about hiring or know you want to hire Santa Jerry and Christmas Claus, contact our Booking Elves at to discuss your event. Once all the arrangements have been agreed upon, a custom contract will be emailed to you for your review, signature and the retainer payment.

DO YOU SEND A CONTRACT?   To guarantee rates & terms quoted, all bookings are done by contract.  Each contract contains the details of the actual event and all contact phone numbers, so that you, Santa Jerry and Christmas Carol can be in direct contact with each other.  Contracts also contain all retainer and payment details, plus other important information and deadlines. 

WHAT HAPPENS IF I NEED TO CANCEL?  The retainer is non-refundable but it is transferable to another date in the same holiday season for the same year.

WHAT IF I HAVE A SPECIAL REQUEST OR NEED TO MAKE A CHANGE IN THE SCHEDULE?   We understand that every party is unique and special to the needs of the client, family and guests.  Santa & Mrs. Claus are booked at many events throughout the season and often two to five consecutive events per day, especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  Often it is difficult to make changes after the initial booking is made, as Santa, like a doctor, has filled in all of his appointments.  Because of this, special requests or changes made after confirmation, are at the client's cost, and must be made in advance when possible.  There may be a minimum additional charge for changes, after initial confirmation, in the amount of $50.00.

HOW DO I PAY FOR MY SANTA AND MRS. CLAUS?  Payments can be made by credit card, check, money order or cash.  A retainer equal to 50% of the total event fee is required with the signed contract, with the balance due when Santa Jerry and Christmas Claus arrive at the event. 

WHAT ABOUT A BACKGROUND CHECK?  Due to the many concerns in our society today, and for the safety and peace of mind of our clients, Santa and Mrs. Claus pass an annual criminal background check prior to appearing at any public event.  Clients may request a copy of the certificate or proof of a clear record.

WHAT ABOUT INSURANCE?  Santa Jerry and Christmas Carol carry a professional entertainers liability policy.  A copy of the entertainers insurance certificate can be requested.  In certain corporate bookings the client can be added to the policy, usually at no additional cost.

WHAT KIND OF TRAINING DOES SANTA HAVE?  Santa Jerry and Christmas Carol hold a Bachelor's Degree from the International University of Santa Claus (IUSC) and both have over 35 years of personal experience.   Santa and Mrs. Claus are members of Lone Star Santas and the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas. 

WHAT IF I ONLY WANT A SANTA AND MRS. CLAUS FOR 30 MINUTES?   Thirty minute bookings are limited to private single-family home visits.  All other home parties, corporate events and special events have a minimum one-hour appearance.

HOW EARLY WILL SANTA AND MRS. CLAUS ARRIVE?  As it is very difficult to hide Santa and Mrs. Claus, for most events or parties, Mrs. Claus will call when they is about five minutes away.  Someone from your event should plan to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus and guide them to the appearance location.  For events where Santa and Mrs. Claus are getting dressed on premises, Santa and Mrs. Claus will arrive 1-1/2 hours prior to the event and will be provided a private dressing area with mirror and access to a rest room. When it is time for the event Santa and Mrs. Claus will be escorted from the dressing area to the event by a staff member. 

WHEN SANTA AND MRS. CLAUS ARRIVES AT MY HOME, WHAT WILL THEY DO?  Prior to single family visits Santa and Mrs. Claus will send you a questionnaire about the children in the home so they will "know" the children before their arrival lending authenticity to the Santa and Mrs. Claus visit.  For larger home visits, Santa and Mrs. Claus will enter on cue with toy bag and any selected special activities in hand. We will visit with each child as well as sit for individual and family photos.  You may also make arrangements for any gifts to be loaded into one of our Old World toy bags to be handed out by Santa and Mrs. Claus.  

WHAT ELSE DO SANTA AND MRS. CLAUS DO?  It is our goal to provide the best experience of the Christmas spirit possible. We work with clients to design the visit that you desire. Each visit is unique. We offer several options to enhance our visit. Please see the North Pole Activities page for available options.

At homes or events with children, Santa and Mrs. Claus generally takes a seat, and begins visiting with the children.  They can present gifts to them, pose for a photo and talk with the child.  If time permits they can pose for family photos, group photos or even photos with some of the adults and especially any grandparents.  Santa Jerry and Christmas Carol can also tell stories or lead everyone in some Holiday songs.  Mrs. Claus loves crafting with the children. If you have a special request, let us know.

For corporate or promotional events, Santa and Mrs. Claus are available for Tree-Lightings, Media events, Special photo opportunities, Christmas caroling, walk-abouts, etc.

DOES SANTA AND MRS. CLAUS REQUIRE ANY BREAKS?  Due to the nature of our traditional outfits, it is necessary that Santa and Mrs. Claus have periodic breaks and that their performance location be cool and comfortable, we recommend 68 degrees.  If outdoors or in a warm environment, appropriate breaks may be necessary as per health and safety regulations.  It is assumed that all events will be indoors, or that arrangements have been made if the event is held outdoors and weather becomes an issue, and therefore cancellations due to inclement weather are not accepted. 

CAN WE USE THE PHOTOS OF SANTA AND MRS. CLAUS FOR OUR COMPANY ADVERTISING AND MARKETING?    NO, NOT WITHOUT PERMISSION Any and all photos taken of Santa and Mrs. Claus, whether by individuals or professional photographers, are assumed to be for private or personal use of the client and may not be used for commercial or promotion use without written permission Santa Jerry and Mrs. Claus.


Santa Jerry and Mrs. Claus brought joy to our children!

For our children they are the REAL Santa and Mrs. Claus!
— satisfied customers