We offer special North Pole activities you can choose to add to your Santa and Mrs. Claus visit, at no additional fee. In order to enjoy these activities your Santa and Mrs. Claus visit needs to be at least 1-1/2 hours long. All North Pole activities are planned to make the magic of Christmas and the spirit of the season come alive to your child!

Crafts with Santa and Mrs. Claus

The children have an opportunity to make tree ornaments with Santa and Mrs. Claus using scratch art, foam art, beads, etc.  Who doesn’t enjoy crafting with the Claus family?

Reindeer Experience

·  Reindeer fur and antlers for the children to touch and feel

·  We have activities for younger and older children - coloring pages, word search, etc.

·  8-1/2” x 11” picture of each of the 9 reindeer with fun facts about each specific reindeer

·  A Reindeer neckerchief is magically turned into reindeer trading cards that match the pictures above – each child will receive 1 card to take home – they may keep it or trade with friends

·  Santa and Mrs. Claus read several reindeer books from their North Pole collection

·  A suggested craft would be reindeer dust to carry home and spread on their yard on Christmas Eve – we have Reindeer Dust cards with instructions to include in each baggy

Fairy Dust Experience

Santa shares some of the secrets of the North Pole and answers the age old questions about:

  • time - how does Santa get to all the houses in one night

  • toys - how does Santa carry all the toys Christmas Eve

  • chimney - how does Santa get up and down the chimney or what if I don’t have a chimney

  • flying - how do the reindeer fly

Using the Naughty and Nice meter, Santa finds out who’s on the Nice List that day.

Santa also captures red fairy dust from some of the children on the nice list. 

The experience ends with the children make an ornament with Santa and Mrs. Claus. (host to provide the supplies)


Master Toy Maker & ELF Experience

Children get to learn about the North Pole Master Toy Maker and his Elf training program.

The children hold elf tools and get see a replica of the Master Toy Maker’s Toolbox. The actual toolbox weighs over 300 pounds.

The Elf Code of Conduct is administered to the children and a certificate is given each child and they gets to choose their own Elf Name. 

The experience ends with all the children using the North Pole elf recruiting construction set or pattern blocks to make new creations or build on a pattern provided. We have fun toys for all ages to use during this experience.

There is always an options for Santa and Mrs. Claus to include reading Elf books from their North Pole Experience.


Reading with Santa

Santa and Mrs. Claus have a wonderful collection of books from their North Pole Library. Santa loves reading with his many “voices”.  Our pop-up books are unique and magical.  We have interactive books to encourage child participation. We also have secular and Christian Christmas books that the children will love.


Indoor Snowballs Fun

Santa and Mrs. Claus love playing indoor snowball games with the children. 

Our snowballs are soft, crunchy and almost weightless like real snow but not so cold.

Snowball games…

Snowball Toss into Santa baskets

Snowman Toss using red bean bags

Snowball Relay Race - snowballs & large spoons

Snowball Toss - snowball & solo cups

Snowball Parachute Game - snowball & small blanket