North Pole Workshop & Elf Code of Conduct

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We Observe a Holly Jolly Policy, where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

No Discrimination:

Elves will not be discriminated against based on height, and all reindeer are eligible to play in reindeer games. Also, nose color or glowing ability is not a factor in employment status.

Report Grinches:   

All Grinches suspected of improper accounting or auditing of toys must be reported immediately, without fear of retaliation.

Foods in the Workplace: 

 Please stick to the four main food groups

  • candy

  • candy canes

  • candy corn

  • corn syrup

Hannukah Gelt is welcome as a special treat.

Eggnog is permitted at the North Pole workshop, but never drink before operating the big toy machine. Chestnuts must be roasted over open fires; no cutting corners with microwaves.


Elf Code of Conduct

Toy Making Integrity

Non-Compete Claus:   Cobbling for a competitor, such as the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy or Jack-o-Lantern, is discouraged.  Frosty the Snowman is an official partner of Santa Claus, and as such, is not subject to the non-compete cobbling policy.

Elf Code of Ethics

Report Non-Twinkling Lights: 

 All employees are responsible for the proper use and upkeep of our physical resources, facilities and property. Please report any burnt out or defective twinkle lights.

Toy Distribution:   

Children’s wish lists must be in compliance with local import/export regulations. No candy-cane payoffs to export officials are allowed.

Unusual Gifting:   

Any gifts, including eggnog, fruitcake and candy canes of value over $50 should be reported. On delivery night, no additional cookies or milk will be accepted in exchange for larger toys.


Naughty Or Nice Data Privacy

 Personal Data:   

Naughty and nice data collected on children around the world is kept securely in cold storage for 18 years.   Access to this data is made in accordance with local North Pole law and Santa Workshop internal policies, and kept secure according to those standards.

Toy designs are sole property of Santa’s Workshop:   

Santa Claus owns all rights in ideas, inventions and works of authorship relating to our holiday magic business and that are made by elves on the North Pole.

Social Media Policy on sElfies:   

Social media may be used for workshop-sponsored activities and for personal use, communication and networking in accordance with workshop policies. “sElfies” taken inside Santa’s Workshop are considered proprietary and intellectual property, and cannot be shared with the public. After all, what we do is make special magic for children around the world.


Here’s hoping our Workshop is filled with laughter and good cheer all throughout the year!


Thank you for helping the North Pole with these policies.